La Casa de Manuel - Loja's boutique art hotel

Baroque style bedroom at La Casa de Manuel in Loja Ecuador

Sometimes smaller is better. This little gem of a place to stay only has four private rooms but the total experience has a great WOW factor.

Entering the front hallway takes you past an opening to the café on the left and on into the lobby area which features a three-story solarium and art pretty much everywhere. There is comfortable seating in the lobby to hang out and chat. The first floor has one of the bedrooms, and this floor is also the location of the common kitchen for all the guests.

The other three bedrooms are on the second floor which is only accessed by stairs (no elevator). There is another common seating area on this floor, but if you continue up the stairway you'll arrive at large open area with more seating. The third floor is the spot for yoga classes, or the occasional partying and music, but with respect for the "tenants" these events are held no more than once a week and do not run late.

"When our dreams have been fulfilled
is when we understand the wealth of our
imagination and the poverty of reality"
Each of the four bedrooms (habitaciones in Spanish) is uniquely decorated in a different style, from Baroque to Neo-classical. The decor is absolutely first rate throughout the building, augmented by the constantly changing art exhibitions by local artists. Should you see something you like be sure to ask - it's quite likely available for purchase.

If by some chance you tire of the menu in the café then just a few blocks away is the Plaza de San Sebastian where one can grab fresh food from the public market or find several restaurants for dining, great coffee shops, fresh juice bar, and other gastronomic options.

Due to its limited number of rooms I would advise reserving a place ahead of your visit. The folks at La Casa de Manuel do speak some English. Reviews by people who have stayed here - on TripAdvisor and AirBnB - are all in the 4.9 to 5.0 range.

The hotel is located on Calle Sucre at the corner with Cariamanga. Look for the vintage robin's egg blue VW Beetle that is usually parked on the street out front.


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